The Day I Was Prayed For

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After committing to follow Jesus on that early morning angelic encounter, the Lord had set up for me to affirm my personal decision that took place in a private setting at a public church service on November 1, 1992.

The Pursuit is On

The acceleration of God’s movement to bring me to the point of recognizing Jesus as my personal Lord And Savior initiated when I went to volunteer in Homestead, Florida, to help the victims of Hurricane Andrew.

People from all over donated various items to help the people affected by the storm. While working for a radio station on the county’s upper north side, the radio management extended an invitation to the staff and community to volunteer.

The president of the radio program had another business in the Homestead area. While volunteering, my job was to take items piled up in one office and take them to another adjoining office. I was joyfully working as if I was being paid a million dollars. As I was transporting items from one place to another, I came across a leather-bound Ryrie Study Bible. There are many more details to say about taking possession of that Bible. You can read the whole story in my newly released book, Relentlessly Pursued by God.

Pinned Down For Transformation

In His relentless pursuit of me, one of the circumstances that God used to pin me down from running the streets to have enough time to read the Bible was my driver’s license taken away by the police. Back then, I hardly stayed home when my driver’s license was valid. I often visited friends and go to various places fulfilling my daily purpose of an aimless life.

Having to stay home more, I began to take time to read the Bible day and night. Would you know that as I was reading it, not as a believer, but as one being blindly guided by Almighty God, that something was happening in my life? I did not yet realize the change until a friend of mine with which I spent time getting “high” noticed the transformation in me, and it was he who told me about the local TBN channel in South Florida. From that time, I started watching it day and night.

Although I did not know Jesus Christ before then and had no intention of becoming His follower, the fact that I was reading and meditating His Word day and night was inevitable that I would finally see the light.  The author of the book of Hebrews affirms, “For the word of God is alive, and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrews 4″ 12, MEV).

Ripe and Ready and Hungry

When God saw that I was ripe and ready to understand, He sent His angel to my bedroom at three o’clock in the morning and declared a particular Scripture verse. It was at that moment, after reading the verse, I knelt and prayed. During that prayer session, I surrender to the call of God.

The next day I called on an acquaintance who use to invite me to church. He took me to his church, a Haitian congregation. For the moment made the decision to follow Christ, I had a great desire to go to church. After taking me to his church the previous Sunday, however, the following Sunday, he picked me up and took me to Jesus People Ministries, an American congregation.

Official Salvation Prayer

At that service on November 1, 1992, after the late Bishop Isaiah Williams made the altar call, my friend got up to go before the altar to formally and publicly receive Jesus as his Savior, and I followed right after. After praying for us and over us, Bishop Williams sent us to another room with prayer counselors who counseled and activated us in praying in tongues. Although I appreciated every aspect of the church, such as the worship, the décor, the preaching, and the whole atmosphere, I felt some allegiance or loyalty to the Haitian congregation that I visited the previous Sunday. It happened to be the congregation that became my “home church.”

I give thanks and praise to the Lord my God for pursuing me relentlessly until I would realize that Jesus Christ is Lord. Now, I am blessed to call Him my Savior, my Lord.

My whole testimony is laid out in detail in my book, Relentlessly Pursued by God.

Published by Roland F. St. Gerard

Roland is a sought after itinerant preacher, conference speaker, and writer. Roland is the author of "Relentlessly Pursued by God" (2020), a testimonial book revealing how he grew up in Haiti without his parents. It talks about how Roland began to experience sex and alcohol in his childhood years and how God used events, people, and circumstances to rescue and transform Roland's life. Roland, being grateful for God having to save him from a futile life of promiscuity, smoking, and drinking, accepts the call to preach the Gospel to both believers and unbelievers. Roland earned a BA in Psychology from Trinity International University and is now completing an M.Div. in Homiletics at Liberty University Online. Roland and his wife Kathleen have been publishing the MCE Magazine (a Christian publication) online and hardcopy since 2004. The two of them have a combined number of nine children and two grandchildren. Roland is grateful that God has saved him, kept him, and using him to impact people's lives positively and eternally.

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